Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Engineering workshops

After the grand success of the first workshop our team was motivated to move to the next level. We went in for the undergraduate students whose core subject domains were Electronics and computer science engineering. This was a two day workshop also done during the month of April from 14Th April to 15Th April.

A Kit for engineering Students

During this workshop we gave students a theoretical speech and invited professors from universities and reputed Engineering colleges such as IIIT- Hyderabad (International Institute of Information Technology) to give students an insight to the world of embedded systems and robotics. Soon the students had seen their minds open up to new ideas and we were half way Thur our workshop.

Because this was the firs session we had to teach students the basic of embedded systems and coding in embedded C. Also they were given a few basic instruction on how a circuit is designed.The students learnt a lot with circuit designing and binary code coding in embedded C.

Also we try making the subject more interesting by giving students hands on training with the PCB (printed circuit Board) Kits, live coding and execution and at the end of the day conduct a competition to help students prove their knowledge skills.Students are provided H-BOTS user manual ( Mail to for a copy)which in itself is a simplified learning mechanism to help students build light sensing , line followers and edge avoid er robots.

please Keep visiting this blog for further updates on H-Bots....Hope you discover the embedded geek inside of You.....